I get to work at OurTechnology, creating tools to equip and empower the people who serve the homeless.
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Homeless Services by OurTechnology At OurTechnology , we create technology solutions to empower and equip those who serve the homeless. We have a large data set of available resources in the US to aid in helping those experiencing homelessness find local resources, community, and support. This private ( but public to read ) API is used in our ChatGPT Assistant, Homeless Services . Why a ChatGPT Assistant ? OpenAI announced on May 13, 2024 that free users will soon be able to "discover and use GPTs and the GPT Store ( OpenAI )" There's a larger number of people experiencing homelessness who own a phone than what I imagined. ChatGPT allows for a simple interface, even with voice chat (a more natural way to navigate the tool), to find resources to help those experiencing homelessness. And, it's fast! Technical details The data set has been compiled together over the years and will continue to be updated as new techniques and partnerships make that possible. We use Typesense , a search as a service tool, to provide lightning fast search results for homeless resources near you. This endpoint is created with Hono and is an incredibly easy way to create an API. Contact OurTechnology Visit our website Email us! Find us on LinkedIn While this is on Cameron Pak's ValTown, this code is owned and operated by OurTechnology.
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Uptime Checker & Status Page This val is a free uptime/downtime checker that sends you an email when the site doesn't return a 200. It also stores historical uptime and latency data in your Val Town SQLite, which is used to power a status page. It supports multiple URLs in the same database and status page. Installation Fork this val Edit the list of URLs to what you want to check For the status page, fork this val: @stevekrouse/status