About Val Town

Founded in 2022, Val Town is a social website to code in the cloud. You can create APIs, scheduled functions, email yourself, and persist data. We offer a free tier and a paid plan.


Our mission is end-user programming. We believe everyone should have computational literacy and agency, in the same way they should have literacy to read and write their native language. We dream of a world where everyone shapes their software to improve their lives and communities. We believe in Seymour Papert’s vision that a well-designed programming environment ("Mathland") can make its users smarter, and strive to create such an environment.
We work towards end-user programming by way of end-programmer programming. We build tooling around JavaScript, so that programming in Val Town feels more like editing a spreadsheet than using an IDE.
We're creating a cloud computing, collaboration, and deployment platform that's bigger than the sum of its parts. We aim to build a product that everyone uses in their personal and professional lives, starting with developers and tinkerers.
We dream of supporting long-term, moonshot, open-source research – in the style of ARPA, Bell Labs, and XEROX PARC – towards the next technological revolution.


We're currently a team of three. We work in Brooklyn, NY. We're hiring!


We are proud to be funded by Dan Levine at Accel.

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