- Vals are JavaScript & TypeScript code run on our servers
- Vals can be scheduled (like a cron job)
or accessed via API
- Email yourself:
- Store state:
- Reference your vals:
- Reference others' vals:
- Reference personal secrets:
- Import npm:
- Import Deno:
- Run keyboard shortcut:

If GitHub Gists could run

And AWS Lambda were fun

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Val.town UI example

Create APIs

Export your code as public to create an API endpoint.
API example

Cron jobs

Schedule any function in one click. Customize how frequently it runs.
Scheduled function example

Email yourself

Send yourself an email as easily as you log to the console.
Email yourself via code example

Import from npm and deno

Code with libraries you already use.
Import npm example

Val Town Apps

Vals made by the community, ready to use.
YCombinator logo

HN Follow

Email alerts when users you follow post on Hacker News
Creator avatar profilerodrigotello

Air quality

Email alerts when air is unhealthy near you
Creator avatar profilestevekrouse
Coming soon

Run your first val

Use the Inspiration button or Tips from the top bar for more help.
Vals run here are anonymous, and will disappear when you leave. Sign up to save your code.

How to Val

What is Val Town?

Val Town is a social website to write and run code.
Vals are small JavaScript or TypeScript snippets of code, written in the browser and run in our servers.
Create scheduled functions, email yourself, and persist small pieces of data — all from the browser.
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