If GitHub Gists could run

And AWS Lambda were fun

Val Town is a social website to write and deploy TypeScript. Build APIs and schedule functions from your browser.

Get started
TypeScript playground

Cron jobs

Schedule any function in one click. Customize how frequently it runs.
TypeScript cron job

Create APIs

Export your code as public to create an API endpoint.
Instant TypeScript API

Email yourself

Send yourself an email as easily as you log to the console.
Email yourself from JavaScript

Import from npm and deno

Code with libraries you already use.
Deno NPM support

How to Val

Kind words

It's been a while since I've seen something as neat at val.town It's serverless functions meets myspace? You have to try it. Just start coding - nothing gets in your way. variables persist, great for iOT, cron jobs, npm support...
Wes Bos
Syntax.fm host, on Twitter
A super power of val.town is that the relative terseness of a val gives excellent API usage examples that are easy to grok. Want to learn atproto? There's a val for that. With a large enough corpus, it'll be the go to place for API examples.
Justin Bennett
Engineer @ Oxide, DevtoolsFM host, on Twitter
This is 🔥
on Discord
I'm mind-blown by http://val.town it's one of those products I can't believe didn't exist before
on Twitter
Val Town is a social website to write and run code.
Vals are small JavaScript or TypeScript snippets of code, written in the browser and run on our servers. Create scheduled functions, email yourself, and persist small pieces of data — all from the browser.