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valToGH A utility function for programmatically updating a GitHub repository with code retrieved from a Val. NOTE : This function currently does not change the contents of a file if it is already present. I will however be adding that functionality. Usage import { valToGH } from 'https://esm.town/v/nbbaier/valToGH'; const repo = "yourGitHubUser/yourRepo"; const val = "valUser/valName"; // or vals = ["valUser/valName1","valUser/valName2", ...] const ghToken = Deno.env.get("yourGitHubToken"); const result = await valToGH(repo, val, ghToken); console.log(result); Parameters repo : The GitHub repository in the format {user}/{repo} . val : A single repository in the format {user}/{val} . ghToken : Your GitHub token for authentication (must have write permission to the target repo) Options branch : Optional target branch. Default is main . prefix : Optional directory path prefix for each file. message : Optional commit message. Default is the current date and time in the format yyyy-MM-dd T HH:mm:ss UTC . ts : Optional flag to use a .ts extension for the committed file instead of the default .tsx .