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You did not check if it's checkmate/stalemate. For example after

  1. f3 e5
  2. g4 Qh4# It still says white to go.
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@tianshuo nice, thank you.

Also going to add this link here: https://lobste.rs/s/ttyfuk/static_chess#c_e0sq0q And this one: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=40348343

Should fix these bugs and consider making the described changes.

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my first reaction before clicking the link was "but does it have en passant"?

great work, nonetheless

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I might be missing something here, where is the import for the Game constructor used here: https://www.val.town/v/maxm/staticChess#L21

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And actually, for that matter, where is parseURL coming from? That doesn't seem to be defined either. (https://www.val.town/v/maxm/staticChess#L17)

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@nbbaier I tried to clean things up a little by breaking them out, but it does make the code a littler harder to understand. If you scroll past the StaticChess class Game and parseURL are defined lower down in the file.

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@maxm - ah yeah, now I see that. Don't know why I didn't just ⌘+F sigh

May 27, 2024