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Email-based (spaced repetition) course creation tool 🏗️ Work-in-progress! 🏗️ The idea is to create a reusable course generator Val designed with effective, research-backed learning techniques in mind. That includes techniques like spaced repetition (via an interval between email lessons), retrieval practice (quizzing and fill-in-the-blank), elaboration and reflection (writing exercises). The Val(s) will include: Email signup and verification Template to fill in with course content SQLite tables to store students and track progress Cron job to send lessons to students As the first use case for this generalizable course creator, I plan to make a course about Make It Stick , which is a practical book about learning research that gave me the idea. I'm writing more about the implementation on my digital garden , which is also where you'll find the signup form .
February 2, 2024