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    OpenAI - Docs ↗ Use OpenAI's chat completion API with std/openai . This integration enables access to OpenAI's language models without needing to acquire API keys. For free Val Town users, all calls are sent to gpt-4o-mini . Usage import { OpenAI } from ""; const openai = new OpenAI(); const completion = await{ messages: [ { role: "user", content: "Say hello in a creative way" }, ], model: "gpt-4", max_tokens: 30, }); console.log(completion.choices[0].message.content); Limits While our wrapper simplifies the integration of OpenAI, there are a few limitations to keep in mind: Usage Quota : We limit each user to 10 requests per minute. Features : Chat completions is the only endpoint available. If these limits are too low, let us know! You can also get around the limitation by using your own keys: Create your own API key on OpenAI's website Create an environment variable named OPENAI_API_KEY Use the OpenAI client from npm:openai : import { OpenAI } from "npm:openai"; const openai = new OpenAI(); 📝 Edit docs
May 15, 2024