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Test Explorer Click on the play button next to list items to run them. Usage Fork this val Create new tests in any of vals (and export them) (see @pomdtr/example_test) import { assertEquals } from ""; import { Test } from "<account>/test_explorer"; export const exampleTestSuccess = new Test(() => { assertEquals(1 + 1, 2); }); export const exampleTestFailure = new Test(() => { assertEquals(1 + 1, 3); }); Go to https://<account> to run your test click on the val name to go to the val the tests are originating from click on the test name to run it ℹ️ You probably want to protect your test explorer behind an authentication middleware like @pomdtr/basicAuth Discovery mechanism In order to define a test, the user need to import the Test class from<account>/Test . So we can use the api to search for vals containing the<account>/Test string to locate the vals containing tests. Next, we need to extract the tests from the val exports. We use exported instanceof Test to filter them (at some point we will probably use static analysis for this). TODO [x] persist test results in sqlite [x] Improve styling (help welcome ❤️) [ ] View logs in a modal [ ] Batch http requests
June 26, 2024