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    * Generates an image with Stable Diffusion XL through * * @param {string} prompt - The input prompt to send to SDXL model. * @returns {Promise<string>} A promise that resolves to the URL of the image.
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    Blob Storage - Docs ↗ Val Town comes with blob storage built-in. It allows for storing any data, like text, JSON, or images. You can access it via std/blob . Blob storage is scoped globally to your account. If you set a blob in one val, you can retrieve it by the same key in another val. It's backed by Cloudflare R2. You may find this admin viewer helpful for viewing and editing your blobs. Get JSON import { blob } from ""; let blobDemo = await blob.getJSON("myKey"); console.log(blobDemo); // returns `undefined` if not found Set JSON import { blob } from ""; await blob.setJSON("myKey", { hello: "world" }); List keys import { blob } from ""; let allKeys = await blob.list(); console.log(allKeys); const appKeys = await blob.list("app_"); console.log(appKeys); // all keys that begin with `app_` Delete by key import { blob } from ""; await blob.delete("myKey"); Examples Counter RSS Notifications (saving the last run time) Picture: Save & Read Error Handling blob.get can throw ValTownBlobNotFoundError Any method can throw ValTownBlobError for unexpected errors. Utilities Our Blob SDK also includes some utility functions to make working with blobs easier. Copy import { blob } from ""; await blob.copy("myKey", "myKeyCopy"); Move import { blob } from ""; await blob.move("myKey", "myKeyNew"); Lower-level API We provide access to the lower-level getter and setters, which are useful if you are storing non-JSON or binary data, need to stream in your response or request data, or do anything else lower-level. async get(key: string) : Retrieves a blob for a given key. async set(key: string, value: string | BodyInit) : Sets the blob value for a given key. See BodyInit . Limitations Blob-stored data counts towards your total Val Town storage – 10mb on the free plan and 1gb on pro. Check our pricing page to learn more. Keys for blobs can be up to 512 characters long. 📝 Edit docs
May 23, 2024